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Flow benches that use truly INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH and QUALITY controls, switches, and components! Priced right with the complete thought of design placed on the operator and user. Various flow benches and accessories are  available. From units that flow 250cfm at 28"H2O test pressure to units that will flow 1000cfm at 28"H2O test pressure, and spanning manual to automatic, these flow benches will allow the user to accurately learn details about engine component airflow that has been previously difficult to achieve using other equipment.

At last, quality and accuracy that is worthy of your hard earned dollars! Scroll down to see what is available.
This unit (S-250) is currently priced at $4,500. and freight is additional. Unit is shown with optional bore adapter and valve opening device. The S-250 is designed for table top mounting and features intake and exhaust controls and is equippend with two (2) 30" vertical manometers and a 6" flow manometer. 220V single phase electrical power is required.

The unit shown below is the (S-600) and is currently priced at $7,495. and freight is additional. The S-600 shown below is also shown with optional bore adapter and valve opening attachment.
The unit requres 220V single phase power.

The unit shown below is the powerhouse J -1000 which is rated at 1000cfm at 28"H2O test pressure. The unit requres a customer supplied computer and 220V single phase power.   The J-1000 comes as an automatically controlled unit and comes standard with an automatic valve opening digital dial indicator. It has no manual controls. The J-1000 is currently priced at $14,300.
Freight charges are additional.

There is a NEW DESIGN flow bench available! The unit  shown below is the new D680 which has a digital display unit yet keeps the manual operation for operators to tweak the flow to investigate small changes in the port or manifold. The NEW DESIGN flows an awesome 680 CFM@28"H2O test pressure making it one of the higher capacity flow benches on the market today. The D680 is priced at an affordable $8,495. (shipping is additional).

This flow bench design will revolutionize flow testing.

A handy tool for any flowbench is a good bore simulating adapter. The bore adapter should be very similar to the diameter of the bore that is going to be used in your engine build. The bore adapter is equipped with o-rings on both sides for sealing and uses aluminum support columns. The unit below is a bit more expensive than some others  out there, but the quality is worthwhile and as you can see in the photo, it is not your regular plastic piece either. These are priced at $425. plus shipping. Ask about bore sizes available and special applications.

Another very good tool to speed up cylinder head testing on a flowbench is the Automatic Valve Opener shown below. The unit is equipped with a servo to open the valve and a digital position indicator for precise control. Ask about special pricing and software, too.


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