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About the philosophy of Power Technology Consultants

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Power Technology Consultants
was formed to fill a marketplace need for a business that truly cares for and honestly deals with Customers that are involved in the field of testing components using airflow benches and dynamometers.

Here is where we will share some insights into what Power Technology Consultants is all about. Offering the best in tips and equipment.

As an example of testing tips or equipment recommendations that will come along the following is offered.

The drive plate shown is available from Innovation Engineering and provides the easiest to apply and the strongest torsional coupling available for performance dynamometer work. You can contact them directly or you can ask questions and still contact them directly. This equipment provides the easist way to connect an engine to any dynamometer. Darn near bullet proof and with superior quality, too!

Their website is and good guys to deal with, too.

The details are where the secrets are hidden in plain sight.